Pictured left to right:
Exterior plaster damage, now repaired; exterior columns;shoes and books in a closet.

Moving Forward: 2015-6

Continued collaboration and technical assistance is needed and as been requested by our colleagues in Cuba.  Examples of projects identified for future work include

Document Conservation:

  • Conduct multiple on-site trainings in advanced book and photograph conservation;
  • Digitize copies of conserved documents, bringing images to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston, MA;
  • Off site protection of data in encrypted format in cloud storage by EMC Corporation;
  • Set up of new conservation laboratories in the Taller with training;
  • Set up of archival storage in the Taller with training.

Main House:

  • Further analysis of collected climate data (temperature, humidity and rainfall) and establishment of operating protocols for interior climate;
  • Collaboration on the long-term maintenance and conservation needs of collection items on display or in storage;
  • Implementation of new climate management practices;
  • Review of illumination plans and general assistance on best practices for museum lighting as well as climate management implications.

Improvements and New Construction:

  • Procurement of materials - finalization of materials list, create cut list for Cuban approvals, procurement of materials, and warehouse of materials
  • Shipment of four containers to Cuba with materials for the Taller
    • Phase 1: Roofing materials, exterior doors and windows, rough plumbing materials, rough electrical materials, wall tiles
    • Phase 2: HVAC / Ventilation system, finish plumbing, finish electrical, emergency generator
    • Phase 3: Low voltage systems (due to import license restrictions) security, telephone, computer, fire detection Phase 4: Stainless steel furniture and equipment, document conservation supplies
  • Training and supervision of the construction process; workforce development for Cuban construction workers


  • General assistance with good museum administration practices including maintenance planning, fire safety, and emergency/ disaster preparedness;
  • Planning for a possible International Symposium on the restoration of Finca Vigía.

A detailed budget analysis is available by contacting the Finca Vigía Foundation at info@fincafoundation.org  

Under the conditions of our US Trade Embargo, no money is ever sent to Cuba.

Fees are paid to American architects and engineers in U.S. dollars. Document conservation materials and equipment are purchased in the United States and shipped to Havana.









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